The Business Partner Program by Zurides is an opportunity for you to make money with your car (cars). Through this program, we leverage our platform and ever-growing customer base to drive your business growth.
Both, fleet operators and an individual who owns a car, can invest in the Zurides Business Partner Program.
With this program, fleet operators can improve the utilization rate of their cars. The partnership is a high-impact strategy to aid efficient usage of your fleet. As an individual, you get to monetize your savings and become an entrepreneur, through this program. It is a smart investment choice for smart people.
The program term is 36 months, starting from the car registration date. To continue the association, you can renew the term after 36 months. Notice is required for exit at any time.
To become a Zurides Business Partner, a fleet owner needs, a minimum of five cars, while an individual can start even with one car. Please note that the cars must be registered as self-drive vehicles to successfully complete the onboarding process.
Onboarding totally depends on the paperwork. The sooner you submit the required documents, the quicker we will be able to bring you onboard.
Zurides does not assist with fleet financing, though we do provide some funding options from preferred finance partners.
All vehicles under the Zurides Business Partner Program must be registered as self-drive vehicles. Fleet owners are required to complete the registration themselves. For individual investors, Zurides will offer assistance during the registration process.
Zurides is looking for energetic individuals who enjoy working within the travel or automotive field. Ideal partners should have an entrepreneurial spirit, solid business and sales skills, and a customer-centric approach.
You will be required to attend a 1 week onboarding training session that will include onsite and offsite training session at a Zurides zone office, online training, and webinar training. After that, you will have access to additional training and support resources.
The Business Partner will be solely responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles by ensuring scheduled servicing.
The Business Partner must ensure that the vehicles are promptly repaired in the event of any breakdowns or minor accidental damage.
The business partners can block the booking during the period, so that it can no longer be booked. After the servicing is completed, the business partner can unblock the car booking and continue with business as usual.
Parking and cleaning would again be managed by the Business Partners.
Ours is a NO-FUEL product, so the fuel cost will be borne by the customer only. However, please ensure that every vehicle must be provided with a full fuel at its own cost and expense at the time of handing over the vehicle to the customer.
Tie up with another business partner or a local operator for a mutually agreed upon commission for managing the ops for you. If you need Zurides to help you connect with interested business partner, please let us know.
The Business Partner should Sign, execute and deliver all the documents requested by Zurides in time Ensure that the vehicles provided are in a fine condition Take care of the pick-up/delivery and checking of vehicle prior to delivery or return
Fleet Owners If your car gets stolen, you will be solely responsible for the post-loss activities (lodging an FIR, claim insurance, etc.), since the car is registered in your name. Individual Car Owners If your car gets stolen, Zurides will issue you an authorized letter, since the car is registered in the name of Carzonrent (our parent company). Post receiving the letter, you can lodge an FIR, claim the insurance, etc.
You will get 78% (after deductions) of the revenue from every booking made on your car.
The deductions include, Zurides’ commission, road-side assistance, in-car technology (GPS) and TDS.
Within 30 days of raising the invoice to the Business Partner, Zurides will transfer the revenue less Zurides commission and applicable TDS to the Business Partner.
Yes. It will provide you input tax credit benefits. Meaning at the time of paying tax on output, you can reduce the tax you have already paid on inputs i.e. Zurides commission, repair, maintenance, road-side assistance, etc.